Goodland LED Grow Light USB Phyto Lamp Full Spectrum Fitola £30.74£60.93


Dual-timer, you only need to set the timer just once.

3 timer modes – 4 hours, 8 hours and 12 hours.

5 Dimmable Luminance Modes

3 options to choose the lighting quantity and Red/Blue-Ray switch.

Made of Aluminum & PVC, lightweight and durable with good heat dissipation.

Low Consumption and Environment Friendly.

IP66 waterproof, no need to turn it off when watering the plants.

360° flexible goosenecks make it able to adjust any direction or the lighting area.

With an adjustable clip that maxes to 2.5 inches for you to fix it on most places stably.

BLUE LIGHT influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. This process is called photomorphogenesis.

RED LIGHT contributes to optimal development. It’s essential to a plant’s early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. It also makes the plant yield better results when flowering.


Product Type: LED Grow Light

LED Quantity: 18 pcs(12 Red & 6 Blue) / 36 pcs(24 Red & 12 Blue) / 54 pcs(36 Red & 18 Blue) / 72 pcs(48 Red & 24 Blue)

Material: Aluminum & PVC

Power: 9W / 18W / 27W / 36W

Input Voltage: 5V

Input Current: 2A

Wavelength: (Red: 620-625nm/ Blue: 460-465nm)

Working Temperature: -20°~40°

Life Time: 50000 hours

Lighting Range: 2-3 square meters

Suitable Distance from Lamp to Plant: 0.98-3.98 ft

Package Content:

A:3 Heads USB Port

B:2 Heads USB Port

C:1 Head USB Port

Additional information
Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 100 cm

A, B, C, 4heads

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Customer Reviews (100)

  1. S***s

    All is well, all functions work) for the Cabinet is the most)

  2. V***a

    The lamp came very quickly to Kazan. for a week. The description is true. Everything is whole, even packing. Hope Orchid will like it

  3. I***v

    Quickly sent. Boxes crumpled. The goods are not damaged. The quality is very good. Recommend. Took double and 2 pieces for indoor flowers
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  4. A***v

    Everything works, it shines well! I advise you to buy!

  5. 4***r

    The parcel went about a week, packed well, all lamps work, clothespin and the lamp itself are powerful. Let's see how the flowers will react ..
    no remark

  6. А***о

    18.09 issued the order, on the same day the goods were shipped and after 5 days we received it many thanks for the promptness and quality goods

  7. M***o

    Externally, the lamp is excellent. Good mount. Remote control is clear. There's a timer. Three lighting modes. Brightness adjustment. I have been using it for two weeks, but I did not see the effect on the flower. There is no rapid growth.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. Y***v

    The lamp is good, full compliance with the description and expectations. I installed it, it works properly. Efficiency will show time. Made soundly, nothing falls off, the remote is convenient, functional. The seller is not too sociable, but it was not necessary. Delivery courier service Express. Split fantastic, the Courier received the parcel on September 21, delivered only the 23rd after my triple call.

  9. I***a

    The lamp is cool, the clothespin is straight tight, keeps well. Metal pipes, which was unexpected. The wire is not very long, but will go
    The flowers are straight in the Kaif, stretch in its direction
    The only thing that delivery was some kind of strange, courier, but it's not clear how and where (Moscow)
    no remark

  10. J***o

    no remark

  11. E***a

    Excellent lamp, very fast delivery
    no remark

  12. O***a

    The parcel came in 5 days. Everything is perfectly packed. The lamp burns perfectly.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  13. F***f

    1. shipping genuine quickly arrival,
    2. product description and with the same high quality satisfaction
    3. Pink Evil Mookie mingle and bought the
    Butcher led light at all, unbecoming does. Mens light sound
    4. performance itself is light with three high satisfaction
    The identity is where to buy a good seemed like below
    no remarkno remark

  14. A***v

    Delivery to the RB took 5 days, like with a lamp everything is in order Burns

  15. E***a

    All OK

  16. M***l

    Delivered very quickly to Postamat 5ki. The lamps are working, but can not say that they are very powerful

  17. N***s

    Excellent quality!

  18. 1***r

    Cool lamp on the clothespin, came for five days, everything works

  19. A***a

    The lamp burns perfectly! Everything works well! Flowers are glad) delivery is super fast
    no remark

  20. R***a

    Fast delivery, good packing, everything works.
    no remark

  21. N***a

    There are no complaints to the seller. It came quickly. Metal strong. But the diodes themselves sometimes flicker

  22. S***f

    While everything works, as in the description… happy… after use I will write

  23. O***h


  24. М***в

    For 1 K large functionality: brightness adjustment, timer, the ability to turn on one particular lamp. How to grow will be-let's see, I'll add a review later. Plus very fast delivery, in 3 days to Moscow

  25. D***v

    Great lamp. All modes work.

  26. P***p

    The order came safely and safely. Everything works. I'm very happy. Thank you seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  27. Y***v

    Thank you

  28. N***a

    The lamp works, everything is included. Delivery by courier in 10 days.

  29. M***k

    A Wonderful Lamp (phytolamp), I am very satisfied with the goods and the speed of delivery (less than 10 days). received at the cash desk of the store "5". phytolamp is heavy, the clothespin holds the lamp firmly, reliably. All modes of the lamp work without complaints. by the effect of the lamp on the plants, I can not say anything yet, while in the process of observation. Packaging in a strong, reliable, compact, cardboard box very pleased. this quality, frankly, did not expect. I'm glad to buy quality! Many thanks to the seller!

  30. A***o

    Good quality lamp, excellent materials, while happy with the purchase, we will see how the lamp will please my trees
    no remark

  31. E***a

    Cool lamp, quality. My plants really like it and it can be seen 🙂

  32. A***a

    Everything matches, works, it came quickly.

  33. E***i

    Thought that more in size will be

  34. K***r

    Dotarło on second day. Faster than Slav in liqor store.

  35. P***l

    сделано действительно качественно, аж удивительно, но вот по поводу необходимости и воздействия на растения – не знаю, за трое суток изменения не видны, хотя на солнце растения поворачиваются в течении суток заметно.

  36. Y***n

    Хорошая лампа

  37. I***a

    Fast delivery, shines powerful, different modes of light. Thanks seller
    no remark

  38. R***r

    Fast delivery and excellent goods! Recommend!

  39. O***a

    Лампа супер. Доставка мгновенная. Выставляется время 4ч 8ч 12ч инструкцию не читала.
    no remark

  40. I***a

    The goods came quickly, well packed. The only but, it is not indicated that there is no power supply.

  41. A***a

    The timer works, everything switches, is adjusted according to the instructions.
    no remark

  42. D***n

    Works, everything is as in the description, fast delivery.
    no remark

  43. D***v

    The goods are working, the delivery is fast, brought by courier to work. I take not the first time, and I advise you. My peppers respond positively. Do not forget about the appropriate USB adapter when using.

  44. E***n

    Only 5 days from the order to receipt, shines brightly, everything works, thanks to the seller!
    no remark

  45. E***a

    Пришло быстро, доставка в пятёрочку. Коробка была слегка помята, но внутри все целое и рабочее. Будем пробовать на растениях, надеюсь эффект будет

  46. G***a

    Shipping fast. The lamp is working.

  47. R***m

    все отлично работает

  48. T***a

    Excellent lamp, it is possible to put on the timer, adjust the brightness and even the color of the backlight. Its money is definitely worth it. Also delivered the courier straight to the door. Recommend.
    no remarkno remark

  49. G***m

    The goods came within a week. It was very surprised that the order needed to be obtained in the store 5, which in principle is even more convenient and closer. The mount is very durable and tight, it will not fall down)))) but the lamps thought will be longer. So everything works, several lighting modes, a shut-off timer. Let's see how it will work and whether there is any use for these lamps. Later I will add a review)
    no remark

  50. G***m

    The goods came within a week. It was very surprised that the order needed to be obtained in the store 5, which in principle is even more convenient and closer. The mount is very durable and tight, it will not fall down)))) but the lamps thought will be longer. So everything works, several lighting modes, a shut-off timer. Let's see how it will work and whether there is any use for these lamps. Later I will add a review)
    no remark